The Rehabilitation of the Human Spirit

The individual who is processed is at first, usually “in” the body and perceiving with the body’s eyes. When exteriorized, he is actually out of the body and still “in” physical universe space. He can, exteriorized, move about and be in places just as though he had a body, seeing without eyes, hearing without ears and feeling without fingers—ordinarily better than with these “aids.” This is not like “astral walking” which is done by the individual who “sends a body” or a viewpoint to some other place and perceives with it. A thetan is as much present where he is as if he were there in body. He isn’t “somebody else” than the preclear moving dimly about. He is the preclear, he is there. At first he may be uncertain as to what he is seeing. This faculty becomes better as his ability to look, hear and feel while exteriorized improves.

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